Visualize a chart with time filter with 5/6 hours of difference

I have a DateTime field named occurredOn which will tell me when the exception occurred on a machine. The issue at present is that the logs have the correct timestamp but when it gets into Kibana it automatically treats it as UTC. For e.g.

Log Time Stamp - 2020-03-10T12:30:35
Kibana Time Stamp – March 10th 2020, 07:30:35.000

When creating the visualization, I would like to have the filter in such a way that it converts the time and then retrieve the actual chart. Is there a way I can do this ? May be a scripted field inside Kibana visualization.


All dates are stored in UTC (as milliseconds since the epoch, when using a date datatype). Kibana uses the browser timezone, you can change that, see

You can modify your queries or use an ingestion pipeline to get your data properly converted

Some more discuss posts around it suggesting same thing. : Date field saved as default timezone

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