"Time filter field" not showing correct values in Visualization

Occurred time in visualization graph is showing a increased shift of time by 5:30.

I am indexing tag "occured_date" as indexing time in logstash.config

    #,05-07-2019 14:00:13,CURRENT,Idea/Vodafone,0 KB/s
    #,05-07-2019 14:30:22,CURRENT,Idea/Vodafone,254 KB/s
        dissect {
      mapping => {
        "message" => "%{ip},**%{occured_instant}**,%{time_slot},%{provider},%{speed} %{unit}"
      date {
        **match => [ "occured_instant", "dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss" ]**
**        target => "occured_date"**
       mutate {
        convert => {
          "speed" => "integer"

Also selected "occured_date" as time filter field in index pattern creation.
Please find the screenshot...


but i am facing an issue of indexed timestamp is shifting exactly... 5:30 hours forward than the required time.

Discover tab is also showing the indexed timestamp as shifted by 5:30 hours.

Please help me with this issue... thanks & regards

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