Visualize: "field" is a required parameter: How to solve?

Hi, I have a big problem in kibana 5.2.

I have developed dashboards and visualizations locally on my pc.
Now I need to setup the new live system.

I have some visualizations, which are splitting bars by a term aggregation on a field named "errorDetails".
Problem: It is only filled on errors and these errors occur seldom.

I exported all saved objects and wanted to import them to the new live system. After I fixed the first errors on insert (because the field was missing), I created an index template and an index and refreshed the index pattern in kibana. The field is now shown and the import can be done, with errors.

But now, the complete dashboard is not loading, where the above visualization is used.
Hunted down the vis and see, that the errorDetails field is not in the list for term aggregation, but it is shown in the index pattern.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks, Andreas

Is it possible to 'seed' the index with at least one record? As you encountered, if a field is in an index but there is no data in that field, Kibana will report it as being not aggregatable and not searchable. After you have seeded your index, click on the button on the Index Patterns section in Management to refresh your fields.

I don't know, how kibana is saving its information, if a field is aggregatable, etc.
I assume it stored also in a document style, because it is stored in elasticsearch as well.

Isn't it possible to update this document / field and set it to aggregatable?

Kibana uses the field stats api to determine whether a field is searchable/aggregatable. Did the workaround I suggested not work for you?

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