Visualize future date in timelion?


I am using Kibana to show project KPI state. I know that I could achieve my goal in Linechart which is to draw a line chart of PV line for next 4 month.

Since timelion has more flexibility with the chart , I want to use timelion instead but it seems that future date is not displaying .

My query is below,

$'project-hours-dashboard-*', q='Name:渡辺 AND ReportWeek:["2017-03-01" TO *]', metric='sum:TotalAcutualHours', timefield='ReportWeek' ) ($ser).label(渡辺稼働) .static(40).label(標準稼働時間)

I have two timestamp fields @timestamp and ReportWeek . I want to use @timestamp field when querying and Report Week for x-axis of line chart. ReportWeek includes dates up to end of July.

Is it possible to display future dates on the chart?

I tried to do something similar and was able to get it to work (if I correctly understand your goal). Make sure you set your time range in the upper right corner to an absolute time in the future.

Here is my sample data I'm using:

Let me know if this helps, or if I am misunderstanding.


Thank you for the reply.

The chart itself is the one I want to see but the timefilter is not correct.
I should have clarified this part more. Sorry about not giving you enough information.

Below is the snippet of _source of arbitrary record from the index I am using.
I have two timestamp fields ,

@timestamp is the indexed time which logstash automatically gernates.
ReportWeek is the weeks within the project. This goes all the way up to end of June.

 "_source": {
    "path": "/etc/logstash/csv/project-hours-dashboard/2017-03-24-at.csv",
    "MajorDeliverable": "xxxx",
    "@timestamp": "2017-03-24T02:16:00.497Z",
    "Phase": "phase2",
    "TotalAcutualHours": 0,
    "@version": "1",
    "host": "visual",
    "ReportWeek": "2017-07-24",
    "message": "Elasticxxxx\t2017-07-24\t8\t0\txxxx\tphase2",
    "TotalScheduledHours": 8,
    "tags": [
    "Name": "xxxx"

My final goal is to integrate the chart from timelion into dashboard so that I can visualize with other vis components. Below is the line chart I have implemented with linechart vis component. You can see that timefilter filters the events by @timestamp. And linechart uses the ReportWeek for the x-axis using datetime histogram.

So if my understanding is correct, timelion is not able to draw a chart when the context of time for time filter and x-axis is different?

Ah, I understand now. You can have a timelion chart on a dashboard where the x-axis date field is different than the default date field for the time picker in the upper right, but the interval will always be the same. I don't believe there is any way to accomplish this today, where you can set the time field in a timelion chart, and the time interval for it to display.

You can see here I have two different charts using two different fields for the x axis, but because the interval is still dictate by the upper right time picker, they won't show results at the same time.

Your request sounds similar to this issue, which was closed:


Got it. Thanks.

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