Visualize Kibana Graphs based on "type" in indexes

(Vikram Yerneni) #1

I got a questions about creating graphs in Kibana (Create a new visualization) with the data from Elastic Search.
Here is my scenario: I got one index with data (same format) indexed from different sources and I am separating them with "type" ( and the data is getting indexed fine. Its all good upto this point.
However when I use Kibana to create graphs out of the data and I want to create separate graphs coming from different server base don the data from same index... thats where I dont see any option to chose the option "type" in Kibana dashboards..
SO is there a way to create graphs based on this "type" option?
Let me know for any further questions folks.

Vikram Y

(Lukas Olson) #2

In the search bar, you could search for "_type: foo" or whatever your type is. Does that help?

(system) #3