Searching data from multiple types in kibana


Can we search data from the multiple types in kibana...

in elastic-search when i search data from the mutiple types we are getting by
GET /indexname/type1,type2/_search

in the same way when i use in kibana

discovery tab

_type:type1 AND _type:type2

unable to get the data

in dashboard tab how can i graphs where my one field is in type1 and another field is in type2

we also have a common field 'timestamp' in all the types of the indices

So is there any way.....?......Please help me out............

On the discover tab you'll want to OR between your two types, documents won't belong to both. It won't be possible to have separate graphs in the same index with different types in a dashboard unless there's a search or filter toggled or if type1 and type2 are in different indices.