Unable to see different types in Discover Tab in Kibana

I have an index with 4 types in it.

But In my Discover Tab in Kibana, I can only see documents of 1 type.

I cannot see documents of other types. How can I do that ?

I moved your question to #kibana.

Please note that in the near future (well from yesterday and 6.0.0-beta1), elasticsearch won't allow you to create indices with more than one type. In short, types are going to be removed.

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How many documents do you have? Are just the first 500 all the same type? Maybe you can try sorting by type, or using a query to filter by type. Putting -_type:"booking" into the search box should remove booking documents

I have around 50k documents over the range of last year.

When I write -_type:booking in Kibana, nothing shows up.

But when I request from terminal,

curl -XGET 'localhost:9200/vogo-database/user/1?pretty'

Here, the user type returns the documents.

Why then Kibana does not show ?

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