Kibana not displaying data of more than one type in a particular index


I have an index called history. I get data into this index through logstash and the data comes under the type clear. Now i am sending few data through perl which collects data from elasticsearch do some processing and finally sends data to the same index under different type. But the data from the new type is not visible in Kibana. What could be the reason ?
The perl code to add new index is

my $doc = $es->create(index => 'history',type => 'correlated-events',id => 1,body => { "events" => [@events], "ids" => [@ids] });

But if i add it as a new index then it is showing up in Kibana

my $doc = $es->create(index => 'correlated-events',type => 'correlated-events',id => 1,body => { "events" => [@events], "ids" => [@ids] })

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Hi @raja_gopal,

which version of the Elastic Stack are you using? Regardless of the version, here are some things you could check:

  • Does the create call complete successfully or is it rejected (e.g. due to mapping conflicts)?
  • Can you retrieve the documents that don't show up in Kibana via a manual query?

The create command worked successfully and i could see the documents. In the second index if i insert a new document of different type then i don't face this issue.

Could you specify "not visible in Kibana" a bit more? Are you using the Discover app or the Visualize app? What do the index patterns for both indices look like (e.g. what are their fields, what is defined as the timestamp field)?

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