Visualize network trafic in bits/s

I installed metricbeat 8.9.2 on my server.
I would like retreive the bandwith used from two servers in the same visualization and get the result in bits and not in bytes.
So I created a TSVB like this :
For inbound trafic, I add an aggrgation of "Max" of the field : "".
Then another aggregation "Derivative" with the metric "Max of".
Another aggregation of "Positive Only" with the metruc "Derivative of Max of"
Another aggregation of "Series Agg" with the function "Sum"
Another Aggregation of "Bucket script" with the variable "bytes" on the "Derivative of Max of"
And the Painless script :

params.bytes = params.bytes * 8

For the ountbound, trafic, the aggregation are similars except I select the field: with this painless:

params.bytes= (params.bytes * 8) -1

1st problem:
I can't change the unit of measurement to display in kbps and not KB/s.
I compared the results directly on my server with iptraf-ng, and with the "Activity mode: kbits/s" mode.
I retrieve a value in kbps which corresponds to that retrieved in my TSVB (even if it is displayed in KB/s).

2nd problem:
For better readability, I would like to recover the "in" above the horizontal axis and the "out" below this axis, I can't do it.

3rd problem:
On the same visualization, I would like to recover the bandwidth for 2 different servers.
At the moment, I can only retrieve the bandwidth for a server by specifying host.hostname in my filter. How can I recover the bandwidth of a second server using another color?

Thanks for help

Hi @Soan_L

have you tried Lens formula instead of TSVB?
Those script looks like something that can be reproduced with Lens formulas.

Yes I have really tried several methods including Lens but I probably lack the knowledge or know-how because I cannot obtain a result as good as with TSVB

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