Visualize only the successfully triggered Watches

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I want to create a dashboard showing only the successfully triggered watches and the respective details.

Currently i have created a dashboard using the saved search based on "watcher-history".
The dashboard is showing the history of all the executed watches.

My motive is to create a dashboard in kibana, only consisting of watches with successful outputs or matches.
(Dont want the whole list of watcher that's running in the background, just looking to fetch the action messages in the dashboard - for monitoring purposes.)

All efforts are very much appreciated.

(Felix Stürmer) #2

Hi @mjm,

that depends a bit on your definition of "successfully triggered". There are several status fields in the individual watcher-history-* documents, that indicate various conditions. You could query for successfully executed actions using something like result.actions.status:success or for watches whose condition was met using result.condition.met:true.

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Thank you for the reply !!

I understood your answer.

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