Create watcher from visualization of saved search


Is there a way to create a watcher threshold alert from a visualization, say, a line graph?

Our query has quite a few filters, so it'd be convenient to be able to re-use the logic baked into a viz to generate the json query that is required for a watcher (or perhaps a saved search).

Is this discussed anywhere? Or perhaps I should make a feature request? I didn't find anything in my (brief) search online.

Best, Justin

Hey @justinw,

This isn't currently possible, but I think something like this is being proposed as part of an upcoming Alerting Service that the team is working on.

Great, thanks @Larry_Gregory, I'll track that ticket.

Is that targeted for Elastic Stack 7?

We don't have a public release date for this yet, but it is a high priority for the Kibana team

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