Visualize Prometheus Metrics From Metricbeats


We are evaluating migrating from Grafana to Kibana, we have metricbeats sending prometheus data to be Elastic to be indexed. I am having trouble creating a visualization on a pre-aggregated count field. Below is a data example:

timestamp       count  state
15:47:38.503	###	    A
15:47:38.503	###	    B
15:47:38.503	###	    C
15:47:28.503	###	    A
15:47:28.503	###	    B
15:47:28.503	###	    C

So the count field is the number of records in that state. Data is reported every 10 seconds. So I am trying to create a Line graph for each state over time. I am not able to create buckets such that the Y axis is using the field value instead of the number of documents over the 30 seconds Timestamp histogram.

You can use a sum aggregation that in your use case will just use count value if you use a date histogram with a 10 seconds interval, or it will sum up all the counts correctly (supposing that the count isn't an incremental counter)


Thanks for response, but I guess I am still doing something wrong. See the chart generated:

For reference, I am expecting 1.5K delayed, and looking for one instance of each state

You probably don't need to split your series again on the prometheus.metrics.task_count, just remove that bucket from the Buckets list and you should be fine.
Metrics are your Y axis values, where Buckets are your X axis values, here you just need to split your series by the state value and by time you are done.

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