Visualizing Prometheus Histogram


which type of aggregation should I use for the Prometheus Histogram Metrics generated like shown below.

I would like to sum count and values arrays, for given time period, and then based on that create histogram visualization, is it possible?

Hi, welcome to the forums! Yes, this is possible in newer versions of the stack. Every visualization supports this in the latest version, 7.12

The earliest support was added in 7.7 to aggregation-based visualizations. TSVB got support in 7.9, and Lens got support in 7.12

For the version 7.7 which type od visualization supports it? Can you provide some example that covers metrics that I posted?

Like I said, it's the aggregation-based visualizations- it's easier to describe it as anything without a specific name, so all the visualizations except Lens, TSVB, Vega, Timelion. For example the "bar chart" aggregated visualization can use this.

Ok, so based on the documentation, when I would like to create for example Sum aggregation on histogram data field I should be able to choose "histogram" object as an field, but when I'm trying to do that, I can only choose "values" or "count", like shown on the screenshot below.

I've also made sure about the Kibana version and it looks like I'm using 7.7.0.

Any thoughts on that?

Your screenshot shows that you have not mapped this as a Histogram using Elasticsearch's histogram type. This will limit your ability to perform some functions that require it to be mapped as a Histogram, but for Sum you can sum up the values. For count you can take the sum of counts.

Here are the instructions to change a mapping by creating a new index.

Here is the docs on the histogram mapping type

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