Visualizing boolean values associated with timestamps

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I've indexed some data into elasticsearch and want to try and display some of it through kibana, now i've read a bunch of materials and tried tutorials etc. however none of them seem to be able to help me display the data i want. I have a field named "IsOnline" consisting of booleans indicating wether or not something was online, each of these values is associated with a timestamp (@timestamp). I want to show a graph where one can see at which point something was online or not.

Hope someone can help.

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hi @magida,

Do I have this right that for each document you have 3 fields (timestamp, isOnline, deviceId) and that for each deviceId you want to show, at any given time, if it was online?

You could try a top-hits metric aggregation (, and show the latest isOnline state, by sorting by descending timestamp. You could display those results in a table.

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