Visualizing json documents

Hi every one. I have enriched all records in an es index with some json data. ex
{'key1':{"key11":val11, "key12":val12}, 'key2': val2}

I am looking for a nice way to display that json in Table view or maybe in another nice way. Right now in the table view before the json i see the symbol '?'. It seems like Table view doesnt recognise json fields. Is there a way to add treeview to kibana table? Could any one suggest smt? May an external visualization tool for es indexes? outside of kibana

You can try using vega to make a customized visualization. Here is a vega example for tree maps Treemap Example | Vega

well actually I need the table view that can be found here: KNQL Plugin

I can see that kibana version 7.9.1 is not supported. So it is pretty unclear how can i get there. What I need to achive is a table view like this one

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