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Hello there.
I am currently working on a logging solution for .NET project, and logging data takes format of a JSON, that potentially can be very nested. Right now there are two options to view data - Table view or JSON view. And I think Table viewer is not very helpful for deeply nested objects, since it will print it not in hierarchical way, but as a plain list of all nested properties from top to bottom. I will be happy to hear why this type of table view was chosen, and potentially pitch in and help with implementation of another solution.


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Hi @advers,

I am working on making improvements to the Discover document table and I would be very interested to hear more about your requirements. Could you maybe provide me with a more detailed description of the data structures and your desired way of displaying them? A sketch or mock-up could also be helpful if you feel like it. :smiley:

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Very basic example like this already making it hard to see json data. I would suggest to implement hierarchical grid like this. (But don't use wijmo, pls)))

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@weltenwort hope this helped. I was told that in a previous versions of kibana there was such functionality

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I see what you mean, thank you. :+1: That has been requested before and I will update this thread when I have a specific issue that tracks this feature.

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