Visualizing multiple level data in Kibana

Hi, I am trying to Visualize Segmentation data in Kibana, but as it has data in multiple levels I am not getting a way to separate them level wise and show them. So is there any way to do this in Kibana?

Hi Arvind,

Kibana visualizations work on Elasticsearch aggregations. So it really depends on what aggregation you want and which visualization you want to use.


Hi Bhavyarm,

All data is present is an elastic search index and it has form like

Level0: C1-D4,19168
Level1: C1-D4:C2-call,9258;C1-D4:C1-data,229
Level3: C1-D4:C2-call:C1-data,1337;C1-D4:C2-call:C3-data,1

And I have to Visualize 1st Level0 aggregated data and inside that Level1 aggregated data and so on.

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