Waiting for a quote (Gold license Elastic Stack on Kubernetes)

Hello there,

me and my company are waiting for a quote for many weeks now. We have a self managed Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes cluster running. Want to buy a gold license for a 3 node environment.

I started here Offizielle Preisinformationen zu Elasticsearch: Elastic Cloud, verwaltetes Elasticsearch | Elastic and Sie haben Fragen? Kontaktieren Sie Elastic | Elastic

Had first contact, explained everything we need. Got forwarded to someone else cause we have a self managed stack. So far so good. Had a short Zoom meeting. Meeting connection quality was bad, so we stopped it. Recieved a link with a questionnaire to fill out. Since then nothing happened. I sent several emails with no response. I just wanted to know if they recieved the filled out questionnaire. NO RESPONSE. If we wouldn't have already made the decision to use Elastic I would say goodbye. Didnt expect to be so problematic buying a license...

It is really urgent as the trial time is running out. Need features and support from the gold license asap.


@WookWook I direct messaged you.



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