WARN o.e.c.s.ElasticsearchNodesSniffer - unknown role [ml] on node <name>

We have an API server using version 7.5.1 of the elasticsearch-rest-high-level-client and elasticsearch-rest-client-sniffer Java libraries, which matches the version of ES used on our cluster. It is working fine, but our application log ends up filled with messages saying
WARN o.e.c.s.ElasticsearchNodesSniffer - unknown role [ml] on node <name>

This application is just running queries and doesn't need or care about the ml functionality in ES.

How do I get this message to stop being generated? Also, why is it happening? Shouldn't this version of the sniffer understand all of the roles that the matching version of ES has?

I think this is a bug. The ElasticsearchNodesSniffer only knows about the three core roles:

IOW it was not updated when node roles became pluggable. Would you open an issue on Github about it?

In the meantime, the only workaround I can see is to set the org.elasticsearch.client.sniff.ElasticsearchNodesSniffer logger to ERROR to suppress this WARN-level log. I don't think you lose anything useful from this logger.

Thanks. Here is the issue I filed on Github:

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