Warning Courier Fetch


recently I got the warning:
Courier Fetch: 17 of 100 shards failed.
what cause it and what can I do to fix it?

( I added a field geo_location) to create the cordinate map) when tapping new visualize==> cordinate map==> select field

I got this warning


305 of 369 shards failed

Most often, this indicates a scaling problem: too few nodes available to read from too many/too large shards.

What does the cat/shards API return with your index pattern?

GET _cat/shards/<yourindexpatternprefix>-*?v

How many nodes are in this cluster? Are they pretty much the same in terms of their hardware and Elasticsearch configuration?


many thanks for your replay,

I have 7 nodes in this cluster, in fact I configured elasticsearch on 7 windows servers.(a node per region)

When you look at the _cat/shards API for this index pattern, are the shards pretty much evenly distributed across the 7 nodes? How large are the shards in GB on average?

How far apart are these regions you have deployed the cluster across?

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