Watcher: discover report url not updating data

I have created a watcher action in dev tools and I want it to update it's data that displays the last 24 hours from the discover tab every hour meaning I want it to see new data that has recently been added in the hour. Unfortunately, every hour keeps displaying the same data and is not updating with everything that has been added to it. Is there any way you can help me with this please?

I used the POST URL from the discover tab on one of my searches and I feel like that it is the issue why the data is not being updated. Is there any way you could help me with it?

PUT _watcher/watch/daily_report
  "trigger" : {
    "schedule": {
      "interval": "1h"
  "actions" : {
    "email_admin" : { 
      "email": {
        "to": "'Angad Panesar <angz.panesar@gmail.comk>'",
        "subject": "Report",
        "attachments" : {
          "daily_report.pdf" : {
            "reporting" : {
              "url": "", 

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