Watcher email html body passed as a stored script


I'd like to have my email action to retrieve the email body stored as a mustache script. Currently the email get sent with "mem-watch-warning" as a text instead of the html content stored in _scripts/mem-watch-warning.

Thanks for your help!

"actions": {
"send_mem_warning": {
"transform": {
"script": {
"lang": "painless",
"source": "def latest = ctx.payload.aggregations.minutes.buckets[-1]; return -> item.memory.value >= ctx.metadata.threshold).collect(Collectors.toList());"
"email": {
"profile": "standard",
"from": "",
"to": [
"subject": "Watcher Notification - HIGH MEMORY USAGE",
"body": {
"html": {
"id": "mem-watch-warning"

POST _scripts/mem-watch-warning
"script": {
"lang": "mustache",
"source": "

Nodes with HIGH MEMORY

Usage (above 60%):
  • "{{key}}" - Memory Usage is at {{memory.value}}
  • {{/ctx.payload._value}}


this is not possible currently, as the body is a TextTemplate object, but not a script, see

Feel free to open an enhancement issue in github for this though!


Hi Alex,

I appreciate you took the time to look at my request.
Thanks for your answer,


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