Watcher Mail action with custom mustache mail body template

I have a mail action configured in which the mail body template is fetched from a mustache template. i have placed the template file under config/scripts. but getting ElasticsearchIllegalArgumentException[Unable to find on disk script MyMailTemplate.mustache] error.

Please let me know what am i missing.


+1 same problem. your docu only has one example for .groovy files.

How to embedd a .mustache template for an email?

The file extension should be left out. So if the file in the script directory is 'MyMailTemplate.mustache' then you should specify 'MyMailTemplate' as file in the watch.

I tried with file extension and without also, its same result. Am i missing some settings? can you please provide location to put the file?

I am getting the same problem. Has anyone been able to solve it?