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I have created a new watch in the kibana using UI. After that when I am clicking on watcher tab under management -> Watcher it throws "Watcher: Error 500 Internal Server Error: An internal server error occurred". How could I rectify it. Its in production. I need help on it ASAP.

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What version are you running?

What's the error stack trace in elasticsearch.log say?

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I am running 6.0.0

Till this morning I am using Wathcer for creating and modifying some watcher alerts from UI and, which is working fine. After that I am trying to create new watcher using JSON file and I saved it. After that when I am trying to click on watcher is giving as "Watcher: Error 500 Internal Server Error: An internal server error occurred".

I am not sure how to get error stack trace in elasticsearch.log

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elasticsearch.log is by default in ES_HOME/logs or alternatively in a different location if specified using the path.logs setting in ES_HOME/config/elasticsearch.yml

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Yes. my path in elasticsearch.yml is defined as path.logs: /var/log/elasticsearch

How can I look for error stack trace in that, Because it is a huge file.

This is what I got "| WARN | org.elasticsearch.index.reindex.TransportDeleteByQueryAction - giving up on search because it failed with a non-retryable exception" when I use command cat elasticsearch.log | grep exception

And when I use cat elasticsearch.log | grep tomcat
I got the following. tomcat is the index pettern that I have tried to use when I am trying to create the new watcher.
2018-06-15T11:34:35,482 | INFO | org.elasticsearch.cluster.metadata.MetaDataCreateIndexService - [tomcat-000153] creating index, cause [rollover_index], templates [tomcat], shards [1]/[1], mappings [doc]
2018-06-15T11:34:36,341 | INFO | org.elasticsearch.cluster.routing.allocation.AllocationService - Cluster health status changed from [YELLOW] to [GREEN] (reason: [shards started [[tomcat-000153][0]] ...]).
2018-06-15T11:34:37,572 | INFO | org.elasticsearch.cluster.metadata.MetaDataMappingService - [tomcat-000153/5m9IQ6gxRU61kz2LgaUKjw] update_mapping [doc]

Also, How can I delete the watcher from CLI that have created earlier from UI.

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Look for the area of the logfile with the timestamps associated with when you encountered the error in the UI.

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