Web crawler for elastic leatest versions

(Elitzur E) #1

Hi guys,
i have been looking around for a solution to replace the now dead ,google on premise solution.
i really want to use a solution based on ES. though i can’t seem to find a crawler for the job.
i saw a few projects like river web and others.
tho non of them seems to be compliant with ES 5+
does any one know of a good crawler that works with the latest ES? (preferably .net)


(David Pilato) #2

The official solution from elastic is now https://swiftype.com/ which can replace basically GSA or GSS. Specifically see https://swiftype.com/enterprise-search


(Elitzur E) #3

it seems that swiftype web crawler solution is a cloud solution. i need to find an on premise solution. any suggestions?

(David Pilato) #4

I think this might be interesting: Dec 20th, 2017: [EN][Elasticsearch] Build your own Google with Elasticsearch and Gopa

(system) #5

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