Webhook connector generated invalid """ json elements


I'm using the webhook connector to send some JSON data to a webhook destination whenever a rule triggers.

One of the JSON fields I'm sending is multiline, but anytime I try to embed \ns in the JSON, kibana converts it to a multi-line """ enclosed field.
i.e., instead of:

 "field": "Multi-line value\ngoes\nhere"

I get:

 "field: """Multi-line value

Obviously this isn't valid JSON, so the remote system is rejecting it. I haven't been able to find a way to stop Kibana from performing this conversion - I can double escape the newlines as \\n, but I still get the """ encoded strings, just with escaped newlines: "field": """Multi-line value\ngoes\nhere"""

It appears to happen if there's any \ escaped char in the field, so you can't have any special chars in your strings if you want the resultant JSON to comply to the standard. I haven't found any documentation or discussion around this conversion or how to suppress it. Any ideas???