Double embedded json and escaping quotes

I have a watcher that is using a webhook in an action where I have to send a json structure to the web destination. So this is embedded json where each double quote is escaped first like "

My problem is that inside that json struct, I have to send a href tag and I'm trying to figure out how to handle the double quotes there. I've tried a couple different ways to get around it, doubling the double-quotes, doubling the escape but not finding any solution.

Maybe you can use the {{#toJson}} function to escape the payload as seen in the second example here.

After trying a number of variations on this, I've come to the understanding that the API that I'm sending to is stripping out any html rendering.

I appreciate the information about the #toJson and #url functions in the mustache template. Is there a list of factory-installed functions like those two that come with kibana's implementation of mustache?

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