Week over Week Percentage Change for Metric Field

Hello Team,

Please help me to get Table visualization with Category Field, Current Week Metric, Previous Week, % change as columns.

Can you share a little more about the document structure? Are current week and previous week metrics in the same document? If so, a scripted field could be made to calculate the percent change and all three columns could be added as metrics.

If not, it's less straight forward. A derivative pipeline aggregation on metric can be used to calculate the change but there isn't a way to convert that to percent.

Thanks Jon for response,

we have three fields

  1. Category (string)
  2. timestamp (datetime)
  3. responsetime (int)

from above we need to get percentage week over week as table.

I tried TSVB but, its working in metric visualization not in table format.

Thanks in advance.

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