Weighted bars in count barchart

I would like to make a barchart in kibana displaying the counts of bucket. But i would like the bar of 1 XL to be as large a 5 times a single S. I already counted all the documents in my index split them on a weekly and on S and XL values, but i struggle to make the xl bar larger.

i hope this makes some sense to you.

you are currently counting how many times each of your sizes appear (XL, L, M, ...) but it seems you are not interested in this count. It seems to me you want to give each of your sizes some wieght:
XL: wieght = 5
L: weight = 4
S: weght = 1

now for your metric you want to sum the weights instead of counting the documents.

this will give you (in your first bar) XL = 5, S = 7 .... so XL bar will appear bigger

Thank you, yes indeed i want to sum the weights. But I would prefer the barr's to still list the count's to. So that we have like we got xl weight sum = 12 but its count is 6 can i do something like that?

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