What does "Ignored" column represents in Kibana monitor?

I see "Ignored" column under monitor as shown in screenshot. I would like to know that what does it mean?

I already have open incident here where my complaint is, I am not getting all the alerts if they are in short period of time. Does that consider as ignored? I just noticed the case where my alerts should match 2 records which happened withing 36 seconds of difference but just got alert for one.

I've tried to find the code that is used to calculate this column, but I can't find it at all. Where are you seeing this?

I have Kibana 7.1.1 management.

  1. Select "Alerts" from left side.
  2. The screen shows Dashboards, Monitor and Destinations.
  3. Assuming Monitors and Alerts are defined, you should see this as mentioned above in screenshot.

I can provide more details if needed.

Hey @gunjan_prmr, I'm afraid you're in the wrong place. This isn't one of our products, so we don't know how this works. If you're running this on the AWS Elasticsearch service then you can ask their support. If you're running your own cluster with Open Distro then https://discuss.opendistrocommunity.dev will be your best bet.

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