What ES version we need to upgrade from 2.1

Could someone please help me to clarify what ES version to be upgraded from 2.1 which we are currently using ?

Since I see after 2.1 there are 2.4 and also 5.x series is started , why there is sudden jump from 2.4 to 5.x series ? are both 2.x and 5.x series should be picked for different use cases


We jumped v3 and 4 and aligned the stack at 5.0.

If you are looking to upgrade, we'd definitely recommend moving to the latest version - 5.3.0. But if you cannot make that move, go to 2.4.4.

Thank you

we are using Zookeeper, storm , Kafka and ES in the application. Planning to upgrade Zookeeper , Storm (may be Kafka as well) to the below listed latest versions , will those upgrade mandate to ES (currently we are using ES v 2.1) upgrade for integration ?

Currently we are using Zookeeper from 3.4.6 ; upgrade to 3.4.10
Kafka from upgrade to
Storm from 0.10.0 upgrade to 1.1.0

Dunno sorry.

NP, thanks

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