What happens when calling reindex in the context of reindex from remote

In the context of reindex from remote I don’t quite get what exactly happens when the call to _reindex? is made.

Does it simply replicate the document from the source cluster to destination cluster or shards/replicas from the index are distributed to both clusters from now on?

It's the same thing as a local reindex, it just makes the calls to the API from a remote system.

It is a way to replicate an point-in-time snapshot of the data to another cluster, it is not a way to maintain an in-sync distribution across both clusters. That is what CCR is for.

Ok right, so it only does a point in time copy of the documents from the remote index to the local index. And that's it, afterwards, the remote cluster does not do anything else. It's like it never happen ?

Thanks for you fast response!

Once the reindex is complete, the process is considered finished and there won't be any further documents pulled by the remote cluster for indexing.

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