Whether CCR and reindex from remote are same?

Whether CCR and reindex from remote are same?

No CCR is ongoing.. updates in the source are reflected in the remote.

Reindex from remote is once / point in time.. updates in the remote source afterwards or not reflected in the local index

I mean whether internally both will use the same reindex API? If I want to replicate the index from one cluster to the another new cluster, I can use CCR which is part of the Platinum license and also reindex which is part of the Basic License?

No, they use completely different mechanisms. CCR tracks changes to the index more or less continuously and replicate these to the destination cluster(s).

The reindex API copies a snapshot of the index when it is run and has to be invoked manually.

@mruthyu No they use completely different mechanism under the covers... CCR does NOT use the Reindex API, CCR is much more sophisticated.

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