What IDE should I use for develop kibana

what IDE should I use for develop kibana, and what IDE plugin should I install. would you provide a official best practice?

such as, we declare so many style guide, is that integrate in IDE?

There is no official or best practice offered about an IDE because it is a very personal choice and does not have an effect on the quality of the code. If it did, it could only be in a negative way.

In the Kibana team, I think the top editor choices are Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio, WebStorm, and Vim.

A full IDE isn't really needed as debugging and compiliation* capabilities are provided by NodeJS tools that run as part of the dev server.

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* It isn't actually compilation, but there is an "optimizer" that bundles the front-end code and a transpiler that converts cutting-edge code into a form that modern browsers can understand.

Amendment to what I posted. Our Contributing Guide talks about linting and suggests some plugins for editors that can lint the code how we like, and it also mentions we use "Editorconfig" which is a plugin available for most IDEs to have them configured in a standard way:

See: kibana/CONTRIBUTING.md at main · elastic/kibana · GitHub

To answer that question specifically, the integration goes only as far as the lint / Editorconfig plugins

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