What is best way for saving URL on Elasticsearch, only "keyword" type mapping?

Hello ~

Our team is going to save our product data in Elasticsearch and I got question when i type mapping schema.

The url of "product image", or "product payment" is quite big compared to other attribute in Elasticsearch mapping.

But this value (url) is not going to used as sorting parameter or searching parameter.
URL is just the value that sticked on other searchable, sortable value like price or name and description.

So, I think using same mapping or any configure on url is kind of waste of resources.
And I hope that master of Elasticsearch will find a great suggestion or any article about this topic.

If you let me know about this, It would be really helpful.

Just don't index that field. We store documents with text descriptions all the time. The description field will never be searched; therefore, we simple disable indexing through the mapping. When the document is returned, the description will still be visible.

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