What is the meaning of the downward facing arrows on the Nodes screen?

Hi All,

This probably sounds on the surface like it'd be an obvious answer to the my question but let me explain a bit further.

I'm looking at the Nodes screen within Marvel (2.3.5) and noticed that next to each metric per node (CPU Usage, JVM Memory etc) there is a downwards facing arrow.

It first lead me to assume that means one of two things.
Either it's to indicate that the value is below some sort of threshold or the value is being trended and is decreasing.

I believe I ruled out the value is decreasing option, since the arrow remained downward pointing even when the value increases significantly, So that leaves me lead to believe it's meant to indicate that the value is within threshold.

Reading through Marvel docs though, I don't see any sort of configurable threshold or explanation however so if anyone can offer the real reason for these arrows and whether any customization to them is available then I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks,


Ok, so playing with the time frames seems to highlight that it is actually trending.

I'm guessing they are working out an average and trending that.

The arrows are a linear regression calculation over all the data points in the selected time frame. So your guess about the trending is correct :slight_smile:

But since it does take as input all the data points in the time frame, a sudden increase or decrease might not change the direction the arrow faces.