What is visualize aggregation filters syntax?

(Viktor Nakidailo) #1

My task at hand: group all events which labels start with Dec* OR Back* into one filter. I assumed,

label:Dec* OR label:Back*

should work, but it does not, I get 0 results. Nor does

label:(Dec* or Back*)

though this one works:

label:(Decoration-flag_usa or Decoration-flag_rus)

tried regexp version

label:(Dec.* or Back.*)

which doesn't work either. Should it work there?

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Hi Viktor,

On my data, I just tried extension:jp* OR extension:ph* and it found all docs with jpg and php extensions.

But if your 'label' is analyzed then it's probably splitting 'decoration-flag_usa' into 'decoration' and 'flag_usa'. I'm not sure, but that could be the problem.
Do you have the raw version of label? Like 'label.raw'? If you do, please try that.

If you don't, you might need to change your mapping so that you also have that unanalyzed field.


(Viktor Nakidailo) #3

Thanks! Yeah, researching further, it works on other values of that same field that do not have a '-' sign.

(system) #4