What permissions are needed to manage Fleet/Agent Policies/Integrations

Hi All,

I'm trying to setup RBAC for managing Fleet/Agent Policies/Integrations, but I'm having a hard time finding a list of permissions (Index level and Kibana Space level). Would anyone know where I could find docs for this?

Managing Includes:

  • Creating Agent Policies
  • Editing Agent Policies
  • Deleting Agent Policies
  • Enabling Integrations
  • Configuring Integrations
  • Removing/Uninstalling Integrations

Hi Ben

We are working on having a better RBAC model for managing Fleet but currently you need to have the superuser role to do any of these actions.

Thanks @nchaulet for the reply. By chance is there an issue that can be tracked for this?

Also, another follow up question. Does the user need to be a superuser to be able to view/read this information, or are there less roles that they can be granted?

Yes currently the superuser is needed to see the information in the Fleet UI or APIs.