What permissions do I need to manage indices where I am allowed via kibana?


I am trying out security with basic xpack.

I have a user who has all privilleges on index myindex-*.
Now I want to enable the user to manage the indices he / she is allowed to via kibana gui, but he / she should not mess up with index templates. Primarily the user should be able to delete e.g. myindex-mytest-01 via GUI.

Seems if I need cluster role manage to enable Index Management, but then Index-Templates can be touched to.
Is it possible to grant only the Indices tab? How?

Thanks, Andreas

The Kibana management app doesn't support the level of granular control as Elasticsearch index privileges: If you don't want this use to manage templates, then you should not assign the all privilege. I think you want manage_index_templates to be excluded. The full list is here:


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