What role do I enable for kibana dashboard CSV download?

I have the exact issue as mentioned in this other thread but unfortunately I'm unable to get it working based on the responses provided there.

I have a custom role with a "read" access on dashboard. The user is unable to save as csv. And whenever the action is performed, I see a forbidden message on the chrome console.

xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: true This isn't of use now as it's mentioned that it has been depricated in 7.14.0

What exactly do I need to do to get reporting privileges in kibana roles as I don't see any specific role for reporting.

Um.. anyone?

Have you tried to follow these steps: Configure reporting in Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.14] | Elastic?


I did go through it,

I've added the below line in kibana.yml and saved:

xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: true

However, I still don't see the reporting section under analytics as mentioned in point 4 of the link that you've shared.

It is also mentined in the subsequent paragraph -

If the Reporting option is unavailable, contact your administrator, or enable the option in kibana.yml.

However, in the "enable the option in kibana.yml" link, it has been mentioned that the configuration is depricated as of 7.14.

I believe you're meant to disable, not enable reporting.roles (the legacy authorization mechanism). So it should be:

xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false

I have an iframe whichcontains a table. I use an anonymous user login to enable the seamless view of that dashboard inside the iframe.

On the table, when the user clicks on the three dots and tries to export as csv, a forbidden message is displayed and the csv fails. This is what I'm trying to solve. So I need to enable reporting role on the anonymous user's role.

Right, the steps are exactly the same Configure reporting in Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.14] | Elastic. You just need to do it for your anonymous service account.

Keep in mind that report generation can be a heavy task, and if you make it available to any user on the internet (hopefully not) they can easily DDoS your Kibana instance.

Anyway, what type of credentials you use to enable anonymous access? What roles does anonymous service account have?

I'm having the exact same issue.
I followed the steps given here - Configure reporting in Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic
which then redirects me here - Reporting settings in Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic

I've added this to my kibana.yml file

xpack.reporting.enabled: true
xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false

But i'm still unable to see the Reporting option under Analytics in the Kibana Privileges

This is what I see

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