CSV Export not available when xpack.reporting.roles.enabled set to false

Hi, since the xpack.reporting.roles settings are deprecated since v7.14.0, I have disabled the use of the reporting role in our 7.17.6 environment by setting:

xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false

The new subfeatures appear in the role settings page, however regardless of whether I enable the subfeatures or not, the CSV export button on the Discovery page does not appear. Even when I set the Kibana features to All, it does not work. Setting back the xpack.reporting.roles.enabled to true gives me the Generate CSV button back.

Just to be clear, the reporting subfeatures for the Dashboards and Visualizations work fine after enabling the subfeatures, but exporting to CSV from within the Discovery is not possible. The share button only shows the Snapshot and Saved object URL link.

Is there anyone who could confirm this behavior? Sound like a bug, but I couldn't find anything related on Github.


Thanks for reporting, this feels indeed like a bug so I've created one, please follow that issue and feel free to add/comment appropriately.

Hi @Harm

The xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false setting is indeed what we recommend that users apply, until that set-up is made the default in a future version.

  • What type of cluster license do you have?
  • Are you selecting a Space when setting the Kibana application privileges for the role, and using the Discover app with the same space selected?
  • Are you able to access CSV reporting features from Discover with a superuser account?

I ran a test on a local 7.17.6 docker cluster, and was not able to reproduce the problem with a test user having a role that grants CSV export privilege in Discover.

Hi @tsullivan thanks for following up. This is an Elastic Cloud Elasticsearch cluster running on 7.17.6. We are using our own Kibana also on 7.17.6.

  • The Cluster has an Enterprise license.
  • We are setting permissions on a non-Default space. All features on this space are enabled via Kibana->Spaces. The role that we are using is giving access to all exporting/reporting sub-features. This seems to work fine for generating PDF reports of visuals and dashboards, but the CSV export share is missing for the users assigned to this role.
  • Superuser access is working fine.

I will try to share some screenshots.

This is an Elastic Cloud Elasticsearch cluster running on 7.17.6. We are using our own Kibana also on 7.17.6.

Do you have any custom user settings for Kibana in the ECE instances, and if so can you share them? Can you also share your kibana.yml settings for the Kibana instance you're running on your own?

Hi Tim, unfortunately I'm not able to replicate the issue anymore. After reversing xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false and enabling the sub-features it works as expected. Maybe we should ignore it for now. It could have to do something with previously created roles, or manually created roles through the API, but I'm not sure. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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