What role should I attach to anonymous user?

So, I am using the Elasticsearch and have the xpack.security.enabled as true. When I try to open the IP:Port and check the status of Elasticsearch node, I have to authorize myself. I wanted to know is it possible to have this authorization removed with anonymous user feature of xpack?

If it is indeed possible I would like to know what kind of role would I need to provide to the anonymous user so that I wouldn't need to enter the credential and I am able to see the status without any issues.

Built-in roles | Elasticsearch Guide [7.16] | Elastic
These are the built-in-roles that I think would be considered but if I have to create a new role do let me know along with it's configuration.

This depends what you mean by "check the status of Elasticseaerch node". Exactly what are the APIs you need to call with the anonymous user? You want a role that is tightly scoped for your need for security reasons.

I am not using any API. I just need to get 200 status code for when I try to call :9200. Nothing else. This is required for the ALB target group setup in aws platform.

Technically that's an API by itself. You need the monitor cluster privilege for it.

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