Whats the difference between Tencent Elasticsearch Service and Elastic Cloud?

I have seen there are 3 different cloud providers for the Elastic Cloud, but I have also seen Elasticsearch is available as a Service on Tencent and Alibaba too, which has nothing to do with the Elastic Cloud, right?
But what ware the differences between just SaaS on a Cloud and the Elastic Cloud? Are Tencent and Alibaba cheaper?
Are there other Cloud providers beside Tencent and Alibaba that offer Elastic Search Service without the Elastic Cloud?
Is it also possible to host Elasticsearch on Azure or GCP without the Elastic Cloud?
And my last question: Do I get the Elastic Cloud on Azure cheaper with SQL Server Core licenses?

It looks like they are partnerships with Elastic as per these news releases. Exactly how they compare I do not know, so will leave that for someone else.

Yes, there are other cloud providers offering self-hosted Elastic solutions. At Clever Cloud we have a partnership with Elastic to provide full Elastic Stack Platinum License level , with Kibana and APM as an option. So far, our customers really like it because it can be deployed, scaled or restored easily and you get automated backups on object storage without needing to set it up yourself.

Product details are on Clever Cloud website, hmu if you want some credit to test it, I’ll be glad to help.


Thank you so far! But I don't really understand... Your cloud solution for Elasticsearch is self-hosted, but I don't have to set it up on my own? Doesn't fit together in my eyes...
So is it called "Software as a Service"?
And why aren't you listed as a partner on the elastic website?

My pleasure! Clever Cloud is a Platform as a Service, so we basically provide services that are already configured as applications (NodeJS, Rust, Java, etc...) and add-ons (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elastic...). In the case of the Elastic Stack, when you create an Elastic Stack add-on, you launch a VM with the Elastic software in it. It's not IaasS, it's not SaasS, it's PassS.

Your question about why we aren't on the website is a good question, I will ask our contact at Elastic. We were mentioned in this blog post (in French): Un comportement inacceptable d'Amazon à l'origine du changement de licence d'Elastic | Elastic Blog

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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The English version of the blog post: Amazon: NOT OK - why we had to change Elastic licensing | Elastic Blog :blush:


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