When is the lifepolicy of DELETE phase is executed?

As shown above, the hot phase with 30 day rollover was already in active state,
thus I have indexes with


Today, I added a delete phase with 60 days and saved, however, none of the indexes were deleted.

Is there anyway to add a policy to automatically delete indexes that have names before August?

Hi @MinwooKim,

Do you have created template for this indexes? If no please do it.
Do you assigned existing indexes to ILM policy? if no please do it.
It should solved you problems.


What version are you on?
There was a bug in earlier 7.X releases that didn't actually add a delete action to the policy, so make sure you are on 7.15.

unfortunately, yes both were already done,, as my question, but if it did work, does the indexes before 60days get deleted immidiately?

I have a question, I am using the basic license based on 7.4.2 does 7.15. upgrades cost money?

7.4 is EOL so you should definitely upgrade. The default distro of 7.15 is still free :slight_smile:

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