When replication occurs?


I have several indexes with replication=1.

yellow open test-2017-02-15 rrmzk-O7QdSB2Ac83-Nf9g 7 1 832869232 0 363.9gb 363.9gb green open test-2017-02-14 LV5lotK3SQS_SSp1nqSeAg 7 1 91469260 0 144gb 72gb

As you see, yesterday's index is in green state and store.size=2*pri.store.size (as expected).

But today's index is in yellow state and store.size==pri.store.size, so it looks like replications did not occur (yet?).

How this can be explained? Why replication of current index was delayed?


That depends.
What version are you on?


You can run a https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/5.2/cluster-allocation-explain.html and see why it's not allocating.

okay, thanks!

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