Where do kiabna stores local users created from GUI

Hi ,

I am new to ELK. I installed x-pack on kibana , elastic search and logstash . I also created few users from kibana GUI but I was wondering in which config file will kibana stores that users created from GUI. Can I also know what is the best practice to create roles and users - is it either from GUI or in elasticsearch.yml file.

Kibana doesn't store anything locally.
There are configuration options you can manually set in the kibana.yml file, and everything else is stored in Elasitcsearch.

The User + Roles UI in Kibana sits on top of the Elasticsearch Native realm.
Those users and roles are stored inside an Elasticsearch index (not in elasticsearch.yml).

There is no practical difference between using the Kibana UI or the Elasticsearch REST API for managing users and roles.

Thank you for the reply. . Since users and roles are stored in elastic search index , can I please know which index to search to retrieve that information.

X-Pack Security stores all its data in the .security index, but that index is hidden from regular users and the format is undocumented and subject to change in any release. We strongly discourage accessing it directly.

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