Userdefined Roles and User

I am using ELK 6.2.4, installed x-pack in all the 3 on windows machine.
I tried creating users and roles. Once I created where do they get saved? Can I see those user and the user defined roles in any file?
I don't see any data in roles.yml and user file in the following location
(I remember when I user ELK 5 with shield we could see them in roles.yml)

Hi Chandana,

You don't mention how you created the users and the roles, but I assume that you created them via the user management API and the role management API respectively - or via Kibana user interface which makes the respective calls to these APIs.

Users created as such are users of the Native realm. Native realm users, as well as the roles you created are stored in the .security index. XPack security is managing this index for you and it is highly discouraged to attempt and access it directly. You can query the existing users and roles using the role management and user management API ( documentation in the links I shared above).

The File Realm is still available if you want to make use of that, and you can create users for that realm with our users cli tool. More information is available in our relevant documentation. File based role management is also still supported (defining roles in roles.yml) but the role management API is the preferred way to deal with roles.

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Many Thanks @ikakavas

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