Create user roles in ELK 5.2.2

I have setup ELK 5.2.2 and installed x-pack plugin for implementing access controls. I can see some built in user roles.

I need to create two user roles. Following are the requirements


  • Can create/delete/modify dashboards
  • Can create/delete/modify indexes

User2(Normal User)

  • Can only read dashboards
  • Can search indexes

Anybody have ideas how to implement this. When I try to define a user, that user cannot see anything other than a blank white page in the kibana.

Tried to put some roles in roles.yml. But, these roles cannot be viewed in the kibana for assigning to a user.

I've moved this post to the X-Pack forum.

Kibana users need access to the .kibana index. Look at the default kibana_user role to see what this looks like for a user that is allowed to view, create and update kibana objects. Based on this you could create a kibana_readonly_user role, which does only have read privileges on the .kibana index. For each Kibana user, then assign one of these roles depending on access level.

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