Where is JSON data file located in Strigo LAB environemtn?

Due to VPN issue, I could not with Elasticsearch Engineer LAB anymore since Nov 16.
In order to continue my LAB, I successfully downloaded Elasticsearch & Kibana 8.5.2. into my personal laptop. Unfortunately, I can never successfully upload files - blogs.json into my lab environment. It shows error below:

Can someone indicate how to copy the json file into the proper location in Strigo LAB so that I can proceed my LAB? Thanks!

Hi, in your learn.elastic.co page for the class you should see a CONTENT tab. From there you can download the lab zip file. blogs.json is in the datasets folder. You should be able to load it into Elasticsearch using load_blogs.sh which is also in the datasets folder (you may need to modify based on your ES setup). You will not be able to load this file using the File Upload utility in Kibana.

Thank you so much. I got my blogs.json loaded into my Kibana.

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