Where is metricbeat saving docs?

I have setup metricbeat to connect to beats I have on my productions servers. I can see in Kibana's stack monitoring page useful stats about my beats. I also monitor my elasticsearch nodes.

My question is where does metricbeat save these stats? When there is an error, I can docs containing the errors in indices called metricbeat-7.8.0...... But these indices contain no useful docs.

I can see there are some .monitoring-* inidices and I think this is where metricbeat writes.

Can I instruct metricbeat to write everything in metricbeat-7.8.0.... indices? If I want to build an app that reads the useful stats and further processes them, should I trust the structure of .monitoring-* indices as stable?

The Elasticsearch monitoring info is stored in .monitoring indices, the other data it collects goes into metricbeat ones.

You will want to maintain that, if you change it then all the inbuilt dashboards for monitoring the stack will not work.

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